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PACE Southeast Michigan

The Power of Understanding: PACE Southeast Michigan


The Power of Understanding will build on the already great skills of PACE Southeast Michigan team members. Using the proven tools of health literacy, the project will empower our team to help participants learn how to take the best care of their health. Medication management for people with type 2 diabetes is our key focus.  

How We'll Improve Health Literacy

  • Review the diabetes handouts most used at PACE SEMI, to make sure they are inviting and easy to read

  • Host focus groups through our Participant Advisory Committees (PACs)

  • Offer trainings across all roles and jobs where our team members meet with PACE participants on their health care. The series will launch at our Eastpointe Center in fall 2021. In early 2022, we will roll it out at all six PACE SEMI sites. 

Projected Outcomes

  • Decrease in emergency department visits

  • Decrease in avoidable hospitalizations

  • Improvement in each participant’s HbA1c level

  • Increase in participant satisfaction with provider communication

  • Increased caregiver confidence in their ability to deliver associated participant supports

Key Goals

  • Improve health literacy in medication management by older adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

  • Improve provider skills in health-literate communication and patient education

  • Contribute to an overall reduction in health disparities

Are You A PACE Southeast Michigan Staff Member?

Become a Health Literacy Champion to receive training and spread the word on health literacy! To get started, contact Sadie Shattuck at 248-223-7207. Or, learn more on the PACE SEMI intranet at

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