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Organizational Health Literacy Assessment

We work closely with your team to shape a best-practice health literacy assessment that also lines up with your strategic goals and values. Depending on your needs, your package will include interviews with top leaders, middle managers and frontline staff; patient focus groups or interviews; a staff survey; a review of utilization data; and an exploration of how you currently document patient education. You will get a comprehensive report, along with recommendations and next steps.  

Health Literacy Competency Training – In-Person

Your team’s health literacy training will include a highly interactive 90-minute class as well as planning tools and  pre- and post-course surveys. Consultation with key leadership, a strategic communications plan, templates for promoting and staging your event, and tools to sustain application are all part of the package. We recommend the training be extended to all employees who interact with patients, not just the clinical team. Among topics covered: health literacy what’s and why’s, stigma-free communication, teach back, and plain language learning. 

Health Literacy Competency Training – Virtual or Hybrid

Our in-person course is also offered virtually – in whole or in part – to accommodate multiple locations  or varying shifts. We work with you and your team to determine the best fit for your organization. Customized planning tools, communications and follow-up strategies are included. Our virtual options also provide you with the opportunity to incorporate health literacy in your new-hire and annual employee education. 

Patient Education Materials Assessment 

We will customize a patient education materials assessment process to meet your patients’ needs. Typical steps include a readability assessment of your most frequently called-upon educational materials, using best-practice tools and practices. We review not only what you are using, but HOW you are using it. Then, we present a full report, including recommendations for revision or replacement as needed. For materials that are not copyrighted, we also can make revisions and updates – certified at a readable grade level, understandable and actionable.  

Additional Training and Consultation

A deeper dive into health literacy is available for your clinical staff, in-person or virtually. We also can help you link your health literacy program in meaningful ways to implicit bias education and other diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives;  quality and safety; chronic disease management; customer service; community health and more. The goal is always to close health disparities … using the proven paths and practices of health literacy.

Health Literacy Playbook

All Power of Understanding programs include access to MHC’s Health Literacy Playbook, our guide to successfully planning and implementing a health literacy program at your organization. 

Get Started

To schedule a free consultation, please click the button below to complete an interest form. Or, contact Michigan Health Council at or 517-908-8223.  

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